Beyond Organic Cannabis

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Coast Mountain Cannabis is proud to be one of the very few Certified Organic Licensed Producers of cannabis in Canada (ProCert).


Growing cannabis organically takes more time, more care and costs the growers more money but we believe it results in a cleaner product that is better for you and better for the Earth.

Why Beyond Organic?


The term “organic” refers to a system of farming and food production; it is not a guarantee that a product is completely free of chemical or other contaminants. That is why we work with the best suppliers and make sure we know exactly where our earth-minded soil inputs are from and how they are produced. This ensures and verifies the safety, purity and potency of the products we use.


As part of our process, we independently test every botanical ingredient in our soil, rather than just accept that it is approved for organic use. For Coast Mountain Cannabis, this means that we screen our products beyond the standards required for organic certification in Canada.

Regenerative Practices in an Indoor Environment


Not everything grown organically provides the full regenerative benefits to the soil or the earth. Soil health affects everything from plant health to human wellbeing to the future of our planet. Using regenerative organic indoor practices allows the soil to repair itself to stay alive and healthy, harvest after harvest, without being depleted. In fact, these regenerative best practices not only maintain soil health, but improve it over time. That is the true meaning of sustainable “living soil”.

Soil Food Web


Soil is similar to the human digestive system, where millions of different bacteria and enzymes work to break down food so the body can uptake the nutrients and minerals, we need to stay healthy and maintain a strong immune system. An unhealthy or toxic digestive system would compromise our overall health and wellbeing.

In the same way, feeding soil with minerals and organic matter allows it to build itself by interacting with living organisms and good bacteria (the biome). Bacteria like amoeba, protozoa, nematodes and fungal hyphae are key to giving our cannabis plants the ability to uptake the purest nutrients and minerals needed to make it healthier, cleaner and better.

This entire process is part of why our cannabis is beyond organic.