CMC Wins 2nd Place at Unicorn Cup

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What a wonderful weekend of music, education and community spirit! 


It’s so nice to be back amongst friends, enjoying the great outdoors and of course getting into some top tier cannabis.


We had a blast at the Unicorn Cup, which was in Salmo, BC this year. The weather was perfect and the people were such a vibe.


A big shout out to all the organizers, sponsors, foodies, artists, all of you made this an unforgettable weekend 🙂




The panel of expert judges were given blind taste tests without strain names and THC values, which helped mitigate any bias.


We thought our BC Organic Dancehall was pretty darn good, but now we’re certain.


The market has been focusing on high THC cultivars for a variety of factors but the truth is that folks are becoming fatigued with these offerings.


And us too. Sometimes you have to play the game but as the market matures we’re confident that cultivars like BC Organic Dancehall will have their time in the sun.


For Direct customers, that time is NOW…you can order BC Organic Dancehall on our website! Sign up here!


Recreational customers don’t have to wait too much longer as we anticipate releasing BC Organic Dancehall at the tail end of this year!


Got a few more minutes? Check out Tom and Francis’ in-depth review of BC Organic Dancehall below: