BC Organic Citrus Sky

100% Certified organic CANNABIS

Available Formats

Dried Flower 3.5g

Dried Flower 3.5g

After many trials and extensive pheno hunting, BC Organic Citrus Sky was chosen for its potent terpenes and staggered onset of effects. Boasting 4% total terpenes, the nose on BC Organic Citrus Sky is bursting with notes of blueberry, grapefruit and lemon. Once sparked, this fruity medley translates to a pleasant citrus sour candy on your palate. Fans of Terpinolene and Ocimene will love this flavour profile. On the Dr. Hoffman side of the lineage, you’ll find parents like Pink Pez, Sour Diesel and Chemdawg that contribute to the citrus flavours and sativa effects. The Skywalker side brings forward indica like properties from Skunk #1, Blueberry and Mazar. Together, this balanced hybrid packs potency and flavour for a wide appeal.

Skywalker x Dr. Hoffman

Balanced Hybrid

22-26% THC / 4% TERPS


Dominant Terpenes

Terpinoline, Ocimene, Myrcene


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