BC Organic Lucy In The Sky

100% Certified organic CANNABIS

Available Formats

Dried Flower 5g / 15g

Dried Flower 5g / 15g

Often called Lemon Diesel, Lemon Sour Diesel, or an acronym we are not allowed to use; BC Organic Lucy In The Sky is for those looking to enjoy a invigorating and euphoric high. This strain has a noticeably skunky diesel-like aroma accompanied by a robust citrus fragrance, and a taste to match. This might be the experience you are searching for. 100% Certified Organic, ultra-premium, grown indoors using organic living soil, perfectly cured, hand-trimmed, and packed with love in glass jars.

Afghani Indica x Skunk #1

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

16-22% THC / 0-3% CBD


Dominant Terpenes

Terpinoline, Myrcene, Ocimene

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